Mixed Media

Everything from painting ceramic busts, to statements on capital punishment, to goldfish masks.

NefertitiThis is a project I painted for our school musical Aida in 2013.

Mask Final

This goldfish mask is made from gauze, chipboard, paperclay,
tissue paper, acrylic paint, paper, glitter, seed beads, and shells.

To Kill a Killer

At first glance, this piece is a lot to take in. This was a two year project for me, starting in 2012 with the prints that compose the background. They portray a gun being hanged in a noose and art printed on death row records from Ohio. The lettering “EXPIRED” is spray paint bordered by hemp stitching. I fabricated the gun from individual strands of hemp and stained it with acrylic paint. The clouds and smoke are also painted on in acrylic.

This project started in my printmaking class, when I was given the prompt, “What is your stance on a controversial issue?” I chose capital punishment, targeting the irony of killing someone to set an example. The irony of this statement is like a circle or a cycle and manifests itself in the hanging gun (background) and the gun made of rope (foreground).


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